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Within the first 24 hours of the SpaceHive crowdfunding project for the Piazza Appeal going live it received £40,555 of pledges - thats over half way to the total!. The Grove Park Group have delivered over 2,000 leaflets to GP addresses inviting residents to a public launch outside the shops on 20 May 2017. There will be a marquee with free refreshments, a band and free prize draw at the event running from 10am to 4pm. Everyone is welcome to ask questions, look at the plans and tell us your ideas for how to improve the design. You can even make a pledge there and then, all you need is your bank account number and sort code.

The project has received individual pledges from £10 to £36,565. So a huge thank you to those who have supported the project so far. Every pledge counts as the total number indicates the level of support the project has from the community. The greater the support the higher the likelihhod of the fund attracting an additional grant of up to £50,000 from the London Mayor. Our target is 80 pledges.

To make a pledge visit:

Lets make this project a success and change Grove Park for the better.

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Piazza Appeal

On 27 September the Grove Park Group officially launched its appeal for the regeneration of the Grove Park shops area at its Annual General Meeting.

The objective is to turn the area of tarmac between the shops and the Station House pub into a paved piazza. It will still be a space shared by pedestrians and vehicles but with the balance tipped in favour of pedestrians. The row of parking bays in front of the shops will be pushed back so that the pavement is widened allowing better access and for the café to set out its tables, continental style.

GP shops colour copy

The first step has been made and the three silver birch trees, that the GPG asked for, have been planted by Hounslow Council to help screen the railway line.

The next stage is for construction design plans for the piazza to be drawn up. Hounslow Council have committed to fund half of the cost of this if the community can raise the other half. The total design cost is £73,500 which means we have to raise £36,750.

The good news is that we have already started receiving donations but there is a long way to go. Following the GPG's presentation of the idea to Hounslow Council in 2014 they have generated a range of concept designs. The designs not only propose a variety of exciting and attractive schemes they also include pedestrian safety features. These include ramps, known as tables across each road entrance to the piazza, onto the raised central zone . Another idea being considered is a mini roundabout at the end of Grove Park Bridge to simplify the four-way junction and to help slow traffic through it.

During the fund raising period we are asking for ideas from residents, shop owners and businesses as to how the design can be improved to meet their needs. Once the design is complete the project team at Hounslow will submit it for funding for the piazza construction work itself.

If you wish to make a donation please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will send you donation details and how the fund is being managed.

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All Change for Capital Interchange Way

All Change for Capital Interchange Way

More plans for the area surrounding the new Brentford football stadium have been revealed: award-winning architect Will Alsop has unveiled his 3-building plan for Capital Interchange Way, which has been avaible for public scrutiny in very short time slots at Brentford Steam Museum.

 Key to the design for the site, which is placed right beside the congested and polluted M4, is the incorporation of a bus garage. The design will probably not do anything to mitigate the effects of extreme pollution and gridlock which plague the A4/M4 corridor, but is at least bold and interesting. Click on 'Read More' for more.

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Grove Park CPZ Gets Ever Closer

Grove Park CPZ Gets Ever Closer

After the Jan 28th Area Forum, where the local Chiswick Councillors considered requests for a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) from those roads suffering displacement from the Park/ Staveley CPZ, the Councillors did two things: they ratified the Park / Staveley CPZ and vowed to consult all residents in the Grove Park / Strand on The Green area about the proposed CPZ extension into roads west of Park Road, including Chatsworth Rd., Milnthorpe Rd., Chesterfield Road and Elmwood Rd. The latter didn’t happen; Hounslow’s Traffic Dept instead sent out a Consultation document (approved by Councillors) asking most roads whether they too wanted a CPZ. Roads deemed to be ‘private’, including those serving Sutton Court mansions and Thames Village, were not consulted. Click on 'View More' for more.

Download this file (CPZ-2015w.jpg)LBofH Map - possible CPZ Zones[Council's map of Grove Park poss. CPZ 'Zones']792 Kb
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