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Grove Park CPZ Gets Ever Closer

Grove Park CPZ Gets Ever Closer

After the Jan 28th Area Forum, where the local Chiswick Councillors considered requests for a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) from those roads suffering displacement from the Park/ Staveley CPZ, the Councillors did two things: they ratified the Park / Staveley CPZ and vowed to consult all residents in the Grove Park / Strand on The Green area about the proposed CPZ extension into roads west of Park Road, including Chatsworth Rd., Milnthorpe Rd., Chesterfield Road and Elmwood Rd. The latter didn’t happen; Hounslow’s Traffic Dept instead sent out a Consultation document (approved by Councillors) asking most roads whether they too wanted a CPZ. Roads deemed to be ‘private’, including those serving Sutton Court mansions and Thames Village, were not consulted. Click on 'View More' for more.

Results were fairly evenly split, and at the further meeting in November, Councillors agreed that the GP CPZ be extended to include Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield Road (although they had voted against one), Eastbourne Road, Elmwood Road, Lawford Road, Milnthorpe Road and west Staveley Road. They also agreed to include some properties along the A4, Sutton Court Road (Nos. 31-45 and 53-85 odds and Nos. 62-152 evens), plus Sutton Lane South (No. 45-51 odds including Sutton Close and Nos. 20-26 evens). 
In addition, designs will be drawn up for a ‘stand-alone’ CPZ in Strand On The Green, but there will now be yet another Statutory Consultation for the above amended scheme, to residents and businesses in the area designated ‘Area 2’, ie the area north of the railway line and west of Sutton Court Road in view of the decisions made at the meeting in relation to the Grove Park CPZ. Given the nature and wording of the two previous ‘consultations’, which led recipients  firmly towards an answer of requesting a CPZ, it seems that a GP-wide CPZ is coming ever closer.
Notwithstanding all the above, the expansion of Chiswick Business Park is actually having an effect on those roads closets to the Business Park: Wolseley Gardens and St. Mary’s Grove. However, the Councillors were not as sympathetic to the requests of those residents affected, and were not able to propose any solutions.

See the Agenda for the 19 Jan 2016 Chiswick Area Forum for more details.


Download this file (CPZ-2015w.jpg)LBofH Map - possible CPZ Zones[Council's map of Grove Park poss. CPZ 'Zones']792 Kb
Published on September 09, 2015

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