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All Change for Capital Interchange Way

All Change for Capital Interchange Way

More plans for the area surrounding the new Brentford football stadium have been revealed: award-winning architect Will Alsop has unveiled his 3-building plan for Capital Interchange Way, which has been avaible for public scrutiny in very short time slots at Brentford Steam Museum.

 Key to the design for the site, which is placed right beside the congested and polluted M4, is the incorporation of a bus garage. The design will probably not do anything to mitigate the effects of extreme pollution and gridlock which plague the A4/M4 corridor, but is at least bold and interesting. Click on 'Read More' for more.

Will Alsop himself says "Our ethos is simple - to make life better". Judge for yourself via a feature in The Architects Journal here:

The developers hope to be able to present the plans to Hounslow's Planning Committee in the New Year.

Published on July 07, 2016

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