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Many structures, mostly buildings, across England are of national historical or architectural importance. These are protected from inappropriate or damaging alteration by being Grade Listed by English Heritage, for example, Grade I or Grade II.
However there are also many other buildings of local historical or social significance but which are not currently suitable for Grade listing status. Hounslow, like all other authorities across England, maintain a register of these called the Local List. Periodically Hounslow put out a call for new nominations that local people believe warrant being added to the List. The latest of these is active with a closing date of 7th April 2018.
The Grove Park Group is compiling a short list for submission in this latest call and would like to hear from anyone living in the Grove Park Group area – see the map here – which they believe merits inclusion. For example we are nominating the icehouse in Grove Park Terrace. Let us know what you would like to nominate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Attached to this article are three documents that will help to justify your nomination and below Hounslow's definition of the Local List.

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What is the Local List?
A local list is a list of buildings or sites which are recognized for their contribution to the local character and distinctiveness. Local lists, statutory listing and conservation areas contribute significantly to the character of an area and the quality of the built environment. The Local List gives recognition to assets which are considered to have local, rather than national significance. Buildings which are nationally significant often qualify for statutory listing. The list is not confined just to buildings, assets of various types can added to the local list. Assets on the list are known as ‘non-designated heritage assets’.
The local list should:
· Provide clear and current information about non-designated heritage assets in Hounslow
· Help to develop a better understanding of what local communities consider to be important in the local historic environment
· Celebrate the rich and diverse variety of features that give Hounslow its local character and distinctiveness
Inclusion on the local list does not provide any additional planning controls, however it is a material consideration in planning decisions. Inclusion of an asset on the local list designates it as a ‘heritage asset’, and as such its preservation is an objective of the National Planning Police Framework (NPPF). The NPPF contains policies that apply to heritage assets regardless of whether or not they are locally listed, however, local listing provides a sound, consistent and accountable means of identifying local heritage assets to the benefit of good strategic planning for the area, and to the benefit of owners and developers wishing to fully understand local development opportunities and constraints. 

Download this file (Local Listing Selection Criteria and Guidance.pdf)Local Listing Selection Criteria and Guidance.pdf[Local Listing Selection Criteria]8336 Kb
Download this file (Nominations criteria .pdf)Nominations criteria .pdf[Nominations criteria ]546 Kb
Download this file (The current list.pdf)The current list.pdf[The current list]214 Kb
Published on February 02, 2018