Grove Park GroupResidents Association

Grove Park Group Residents Association

No Left Turn on Staveley

01 October 2020

The South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood scheme was taken a step further today with the installation of a 'Left Turn Only' barrier at the junction of Staveley Road and Park Road. This follows the imposition of "No Access to the A4' on Harvard Hill. Both measures are designed to work in conjunction with the forthcoming Number Plate Recognition camera at the junction of Hartington Road and the A316, in order to deal with the 8,000 vehicles from elsewhere that traverse Grove Park daily.

The scheme, devised and paid for by the current Government, is designed to be temporary, and is pledged to be reviewed after six months. The Liveable Neighbourhood scheme is specifically designed to encourage more cycling and walking, but also control the amount of emissions created by traffic from outside the neighbourhood, in this case encouraging through traffic to use the A316/A4, rather than cutting through Grove Park at speed.

Download this file (Staveley Rd barrier looking north.JPG)Staveley Rd looking north[Staveley barrier 2]3631 Kb
Download this file (Staveley Road barrier looking east.JPG)Staveley Rd looking east[Staveley Rd barrier 1]3818 Kb
Published on October 10, 2020